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About Eileen Beasley.....

The following may be helpful to clarify the nature of my work and our therapeutic relationship.

Healing is manifested on many levels. It is apparent to me that the power and capability of our lymphatic system not only heals our physical body, but it is interconnected with our emotional and spiritual body. I believe that the lymphatic system is a key component in the healing body, mind and spirit.

There is an innate ability within that is capable of healing all these various levels. The body's health is important, but so too, is the health and wellness of our emotional and spiritual being. It is in combining these various body/mind/spirit aspect of health care that I offer this eclectic approach of healing, by giving attention and care to lymphatic wellness.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degee from Vermont College of Norwich University. This degree was a holistic study program centered on mind/body/spirit connections. Allopathic and alternative health care perspectives were studied. During this academic time, I was also accepted into Maine Medical Center's Pastoral Care Residential Program. As a result of this residence program I was asked to continue to serve within Maine Medical Center in Portland Maine as a Chaplain Associate. I served in this role, caring for the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families from many various faith groups and religious denominations. I was also entrusted as an emergency on-call Chaplain.

My experience also includes several years, in various roles and positions at the Center for Grieving Children in Portland, Maine. I not only facilitated various age groups (adults and children) but also as an outreach representative and a public speaker.

During the time I was present in both of these spiritual and emotional healing organizations, my university studies included anatomy and physiology of the human body which sparked my interest in the lymphatic system. I thus began studies with Upledger Institute, based in Florida. I studied advanced levels of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. I was invited to be a teaching assistant around the USA with the Master Teacher, and Author of "Silent Waves, Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy", Dr. Bruno Chikly, MD., DO.

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